Refers to the moment in which a user recognizes some need or problem. It is the first stage of the customer journey. B2B B2B is the term us to represent the market of companies that offer products and services for other companies. The acronym comes from the English “business to business” . B2C B2C is the term us= to represent companies that sell products or services directly to the final consumer. The acronym comes from the English “business to consumer”. benchmarking Benchmarking refers to the process of analyzing various companies that are benchmarks to assess which strategies are being appli= by them and identify good market practices.

BOFU The acronym BOFU ( Bottom of the Funnel ) refers to the base of the sales funnel, the last stage of the process, which focuses on converting prospects into customers. Budget Budget is the English term that means budget and is widely us in sales to refer to the amount of money available for a given period. crms CRM is customer relationship management. The acronym refers to the English term – Customer Relationship Management – and represents all the customer-focused actions carried out by the company , from analyzing interactions, anticipating needs and improving the experience to mapping sales and capturing leads for improve business results.

Conversion The Conversion Moment

In which the user, lead or client performs  Italy phone number an action, which was the objective of the company. A clos business can be a conversion, for example, but the term is not limit to sales. When there is a response to a call-to-action, it can be said that there was a conversion. Sales control Sales control is the process of monitoring and managing everything that is sold in your business and analyzing that data, that is, for whom the sale was made and how the commercial flow was develop. CAC CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) is the customer acquisition cost .

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This metric indicates the relationship between the investment made to acquire a certain client and the total number of clients conquer in a certain period. CLV (or LTV ) CLV (Customer Lifetime Value = Customer Life Cycle) or LTV (Lifetime Value = Customer Value) is a metric widely in both marketing and sales to forecast the amount that a customer will be able to generate throughout their relationship with the company. The CLV or LTV is proportional to the average amount generat by the clients and inversely proportional to the churn.

One Approach To Improving That

Metric is therefore to adopt customer success strategies in customer service. CTA CTA is short for call-to-action . In literal translation, the concept means “call to action”. It is a way to insert a term to motivate the user to make  .  A conversion such as a purchase or a survey. In general, the call-to-action can appear on the site in the form of buttons or at the end of the content. churn .  Churn is the metric that measures the loss of customers or sales of a company. The churn rate is also known as the cancellation rate or rejection rate and is measur .  In % over time (typically in the month or year) customer-success Customer Success .

Therefore,  in Spanish, customer success is the process of ensuring that all customers of .  A company have the best possible experience with products and services, and also in the relationship. It is putting the customer at the center of all strategies. CRO CRO stands for conversion rate optimization . The acronym comes from the English.  Conversion rate optimization .  And refers to creating strategies to improve a site’s conversions based on existing traffic. Cross-selling Cross selling means cross selling, that is, offering related or complementary .  Services and products according to a customer’s purchase or interest. down-selling Down selling is a sales strategya or a lower value product to a customer who is giving up a purchase.

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