learns from them, and reminds us to leave then to  of arriving two minutes late 80% of the time. The system needs to be fed, and from there will come smarter machines, connected devices, and the ability to predict our needs and wants. The more quality information we provide to the system, the greater its intelligence and ability to serve us. In all of those areas, AI will help us work more efficiently, just like it allows us to tag people in a Facebook photo. The “AI winter” will never happen again, and companies of all sizes will benefit from it. From my point of view, and contrary to the prediction of a popular TV show, for Artificial Intelligence (AI) winter is not going to come, winter is already over.. Author.

Robert Begg, Vice President of Marketing, Social and Advertising Products at Salesforce Social media, once primarily text-based, has become a visual medium. Driven by ease of use and the ability to upload images instantly from any device, users are now sharing more photos on social media than ever before. In fact, according to Deloitte data , 2.5 billion photos were predicted to be shared or stored online in 2016. It’s safe to say that number has increased, and photo sharing predominantly takes place on social media. People post pictures of vacations, celebrations, special occasions, meals, dances, work, etc., etc., etc. Social media photos represent many consumer behaviors, preferences, wants and needs that are being overlooked by marketers.

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An image of a new product, but does Cameroon phone number not add text including the product name, social media monitoring may not capture it. Companies risk missing out on important opportunities to better understand their customers, increase customer engagement, resolve potential customer service issues, and identify new key influencers and followers. Salesforce today introduces Einstein Vision for Social Studio, which provides AI-powered image recognition directly from within the Marketing Cloud social media marketing solution . Now, marketers can automate image discovery and identification, and respond in the most appropriate way.

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By understanding the photos consumers post, marketers have the ability to reach more customers, even when they haven’t specifically mentioned a brand, product or service by name. In the past, marketers had to sort through thousands of images or analyze associated text to better understand. With Einstein Vision for Social Studio, you can discover images relevant to your brand through .  Types of image libraries, including two million brand logos, 60 scenes, 200 foods, and 1,000 objects. Currently available for Twitter, companies can use Einstein.

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To understand consumer needs, monitor brands, and provide customer service : consumption needs.  Companies can now make use of visual data immediately, allowing them to better understand.  Their customers and thus make smarter business decisions. For example, if a restaurant chain is considering adding a new item to the menu . You can use Einstein Vision for Social Studio to learn . What popular options foodies are sharing through images on Twitter. Brand monitoring Marketers can analyze the completeness, better understand the reach.  And evaluate the effectiveness of social media advertising campaigns. For example, if a company sponsors a sporting event, Einstein Vision for Social Studio can detect.

When and how the company logo for that event can be seen in an image shared on Twitter. Now, marketers can for the first time quantify the brand awareness associated with sponsorship of a particular event. Customer service Marketers can monitor social feeds to understand where and how products are being used to proactively serve customers. For example, if a car manufacturer needs to recall a faulty glove box mechanism.  Einstein Vision for Social Studio can uncover cases through images on Twitter. From there, the marketing team can alert Salesforce Service Cloud to work with customers and find a solution. “Over the last few years, social media has become a visual medium, with photos and videos dominating the news feed.

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