As far as a large-scale, centralized socialist country is concerned. Xi Jinping’s biggest problem is that he centralizes all power. Ideological standards and decision-making in himself. Makes all important tasks directly arranged and decided by himself. And requires that everything be in accordance with the his thoughts. This fundamental problem, coupled with his removal of term limits, has brought the system to its peak of totalitarianism. Judging from China’s modern and modern history, there are various reasons for China to embark on the road of being a large-scale socialist country with centralization, and there are also many historical and important achievements, which cannot be easily denied (generally, criticisms from the standpoint of liberal democracy are more degenerate.

Because of ideologicalization, it cannot really understand and solve

China’s problems). However, once the Chinese system is “totalitarian”, there will be many problems and endless troubles. Although Xi Jinping made great achievements in the first eight years in power, the Wuhan pneumonia has exposed its fundamental problems, and Panama Phone Number naturally there will be many major consequences. The problem of Xi Jinping’s “one-handed grasp” has been fully exposed in this epidemic The totalitarianism of the Mao Zedong era caused many historical disasters, and the subsequent Deng Xiaoping era (including the era of Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao) tried to correct this malpractice, but it also caused many new problems.

In the past eight years, Xi has created a new totalitarian system

Panama Phone Numberl Power and ideas are concentrated in one person through the “four consciousnesses”. Two safeguards” and various political means. Although this system is very powerful. It has greatly improved the constitutionp of the party and the government. Improved many long-standing shortcomings of the Deng era. And accomplished many important things, but it also caused the following fundamental problems in the bureaucracy: further reporting good news instead of bad news, and like to lie. They talk big, cover up and deceive at every level, only know what they want, ignore public opinion, lack the ability to take the initiative to solve problems, and use cruel means to achieve higher-level targets.

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