The cleveland cavaliers will offer virtual reality. Content to a select group of fans during select playoff games. The cleveland cavaliers, in partnership with budweiser -one of its sponsors-, offers virtual reality content to offer a select group of fans the opportunity to live exclusive experiences. The new marketing strategy is based on the production of a limited edition of vr viewers branded by the beer brand and with the ‘cavs’ logos to be delivered to a group of fans during some playoff games of the Tonga B2B List ohio team against the atlanta hawks.

According to information reported by various

According to information reported by various. Media the concept is not aimed at offering. To watch the game in virtual reality but to make. Tonga B2B List Videos with some scenes taken in the locker. Room as well as some activities that take. Place in the stadium meanwhile according to. Information from the cleveland cavaliers. The marketing action was designed in. Collaboration with budweiser together. With the sports marketing company wme-img. With the yinzcam app in addition bbva. As sponsor of the nba franchise appthe use of vr. Tonga B2B List Technology and content production.

Be a trend that will continue for the rest

Tonga B2B List

Be a trend that will continue for the rest. Of the year and into the near future. There are a large number of technology companies. And brands working on devices or marketing. Strategies the expected income in virtual. Reality products for this 2016 worldwide could. Reach three thousand 800 million dollars. According to projections. Made by kzero among the technology. Companies that work on vr devices samsung. Tonga B2B List Apple sony and htc stand out.

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