But wait… can I really make money outside of adsense? Here’s the thing… while adsense is a lucrative way to earn money. There are definitely a few downsides to it: no dedicated support: adsense is a blackhole of sorts when it comes to seeking answers and help. Unless you have all the time in the world Egypt Phone Number List to scour online forums to find what you’re looking for. Without an account manager. You may find yourself fumbling every now and then. Banner blindness: adsense has no upper limit to the number of ads you can display on your site and that tends to make many a blogger go overboard with too many ads. 

This could result in banner blindness. A less than satisfying reader experience. Or worse yet. Your readers installing an ad blocker. Banning and suspension: adsense is notoriously strict in adherence to its guidelines. To be fair. All good networks are. But with adsense. Bloggers are often ousted with their only Egypt Phone Number List source of online income abruptly terminated. Now I’m not saying adsense isn’t worth a go. But it’s a no-brainer to explore other ways to supplement or complement your earnings alongside adsense. How to use contextual advertising for your blog in human behavioural coaching. There is an interesting concept known as “behaviour modelling.” 

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It simply means that you copy what’s working for others by modelling their behaviour. Of course. You will tweak things as per your own criteria and situation. But on a fundamental level. You do what someone else is doing. Someone who has what you want. In this case. We’re talking about monetizing your blog. When you have several options to choose from. The ideal route is to look at those advertising networks that have Egypt phone number proven to offer big bucks to other bloggers like you. In other words. Model what they are doing and test it out. Make tweaks. And test again. Rinse and repeat. (that. By the way. Is a formula for success in any endeavour.) you’re a publisher who needs an advertiser to provide relevant ads matched with the content you serve. 

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The advertiser. On the other hand. Is looking for a decent amount of traffic for itself and high quality content to help you earn. Now. All we need to do is find you the best contextual ad provider. That’s a match for your blog based on what’s working for other bloggers. Pretty simple. Right?  contextual advertising Egypt Phone Number List platforms to choose from for your blog . Media media is the nd largest ad network in the world after google adsense and it powers the exclusive yahoo! Bing network contextual ads program. 

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They are the original creators of the display-to-search (ds) ad format – a highly sophisticated method of monetizing display ads by identifying what the user intends to search. With media. You get access to the exclusive yahoo! Bing network’s keyword targeted ads – over $ billion of search demand from Egypt Phone Number List some of the world’s top advertisers. Search demand has far more valuable clicks than pure display. And hence the ds format promises to significantly boost your blog revenues. Simply put. Media offers highly relevant ads for your blog and adds value to your reader experience while letting you

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