say everything. Because the law allows it andrés manuel lópez obrador. Called on his supporters this wednesday to counteract. The dirty war and the black campaigns against him. The call is not something new on the part of the. Candidate but the format. Since he asked to use ingenuity and joy in order. To create messages and memes about ethics. And morals to finish unmasking those corrupt people. I want you to the social networks. That have helped us so much that without losing sanity. With respect we make a counter-campaign. To denounce this dirty war and finish unmasking those. Corrupt people who are left naked because. They have no ethics or morals there I ask them.

with ideal principles with our morale high

He added that the messages that are disseminated. should be done without insults because we are fighting. with ideal principles with our morale high. what we want is to end corruption. and for the government to represent all Mexicans. Buy Malaysia Whatsapp Numbers The Tabasco politician made the call through a video. that he posted on his Facebook and Twitter. accounts which have generated more. than a million views nearly 80,000 reactions and around. 45,000 responses Strategies based on weakening. discrediting and harming the political opponent became. the central axis of offline electoral campaigns. The constant attacks and the exchange of accusations. of corruption between the candidates.

The Year 2004 Is Taken as a Reference in MexicoBuy Malaysia WhatsApp Numbers

The year 2004 is taken as a reference in mexico. Given that open television showed in one of its newscasts. With the largest audience “How a politician received money. From a businessman. The novelty of in political marketing is to observe how. People act in the face of political advertising.. For or against a certain person or action. The dirty war is based on this aspect especially taking. The new information technologies as a channel. Of diffusion during 2018 electoral. Campaigns are also waged on the internet and social networks. Where politicians say everything because the general. Law of electoral institutions and procedures does not. Contemplate the regulation of said medium.

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