Nstagram enabled its “Shopping” function in mexico. And eight other latin american countries which could. Be great news for smes in the region today, instagram. Announced that its shopping function. Lands in the mexican market as well as in eight more markets. In latin america a fact that tries to open new growth. Opportunities for large, medium and small companies. In the region hand in hand with social commerce. Electronic commerce associated with activities within. Social interaction platforms is considered a big business. Especially in those markets where both disciplines. Have significant development potential in this sense. Buy Oman Whatsapp Numbers Estimates published by statista indicate that by 2020 more. Than 50 billion dollars will be invested. Annually in social commerce which makes sense if one considers. That one in three consumers claims to have purchased.

With This in Mind Instagram Enabled Its Shopping

With this in mind instagram enabled its shopping. Feature in mexico and eight other latin american countries. Buy Oman Whatsapp Numbers Instagram shopping was launched last year but was only active. In the united states and a few weeks. Ago it reached germany australia brazil canada. Spain france italy and the united kingdom. Before the opening of the tool for other markets. Melissa amorim, director of communication. At instagram for latin america , indicated in an interview. With merca2.0 that with this launch they hope that instagram. Will go from being the place of discovery. To that of action. Brands have been part of the platform. People already follow them, and with instagram.Buy Oman Whatsapp Numbers  Being such a visual platform, it’s almost natural to. Create this showcase for them although this tool. Seeks to captivate brands and companies of all sizes.

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From the Perspective of the Directive Instagram

From the perspective of the directive instagram. Shopping is a very useful resource for small and. Medium-sized companies because in principle. It is free you just have to activate it and start. Selling your products in addition there are currently 25 million. Active smes with a business profile on instagram. To this is added that instagram is a mobile experience. This means a lot for brands that want to create. Mobile experiences beyond a site that can cost. Them money and time, and for smes that are more. Complicated to develop. Data reported by amorim revealed that. In mexico 64 percent of small and medium-sized. Buy Oman Whatsapp Numbers Companies believe that instagram is an essentia.L platform for their business while 53 percent. Say that having an instagram account is more important.

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