You don’t want your company to be the “boring friend” at dinner, do you? Remember that raising  in social networks is one of the priorities of digital marketing. Content is the key to success It is very important to think of a content strategy that is relevant to your audience . Apply all the tips we’ve provided here (knowing your customer well, taking advantage of each network’s features, and creating a personality for your business) to deliver relevant and unique information to your followers. Think of topics related to your business universe that might be useful and post that content to channels.

Of course, it is also important to announce your company’s solutions and news, but do it in a pleasant way and always think about how to add value to the message you want to communicate . Finally, open a channel of communication with your followers and be willing to listen and interact with them . After all, social media are communities created precisely to share experiences and engage in conversations. Now that you know the four best practices of social media marketing, also read Chatbots in customer service . Currently, artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most thought-provoking topics in the field of technology and business.

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A basis: we live in an increasingly Bosnia and herzegovina phone number connected and intelligent world. Today, you can build a car , compose Jazz  the goal was that human intelligence could be described using an algorithm, or connect your CRM to your inbox to prioritize the most important emails. The technology behind all these advances is related to Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this opportunity we will tell you about: The definition of Artificial Intelligence The history of Artificial Intelligence . How AI works An overview of the main AI techniques Examples of the use of Artificial Intelligence in business.

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Specifically, we’ll show you some practical applications in CRM . sales, customer service , and marketing. Additionally, you can check out the eBook Artificial Intelligence for CRM: A Practical Guide to Everything You Need to Know. 1. Definition of Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence is the scientific field of computer science that focuses on the creation of programs and mechanisms that can display behaviors considered intelligent. In other words, AI is the concept that “machines think like humans”. Typically, an AI system is capable of analyzing large amounts of data (big data), identifying patterns and trends, and therefore making predictions automatically.

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For us, the important thing is that AI allows our daily experiences to be more intelligent. How? By integrating predictive analytics (we’ll talk about this later) and other.  AI techniques into applications we use on a daily basis. Siri works like a personal assistant as it uses natural language processing . Facebook and Google Photos suggest tagging and grouping photos based on image recognition .  Amazon offers product recommendations based on shopping basket models .  Waze provides optimized traffic and navigation information in real time .

Brief history of Artificial Intelligence Most of us have a concept of Artificial Intelligence fueled by Hollywood movies. Terminators, robots with existential crises and red and blue pills. In fact, AI has been in our imaginations and in our laboratories since 1956, when a group of scientists started the “Artificial Intelligence” research project at Dartmouth College in the United States. The term was first coined there, and since then we’ve seen a rollercoaster ride of advances (“Wow, how does Amazon know I want this book?”) as well as frustrations (“this translation is completely wrong”). At the beginning of the project, so precisely that a machine could simulate it.


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