The American newspaper. The New York Times innovates again in its digital strategy. This occasion it announced that it has ready. an artificial intelligence program. Together with with which it will moderate public comments. it will avoid trolls and racist expressions . It consists of a program backed by Google Holdings, which will be called moderator. which will work through machine learning developed by Jigsaw. The goal is for Times readers to be able to comment on all the top stories Monday through Friday.

The Goal of the Newspaper Is to Include 80 Percent of Comments

The goal of the newspaper is to include 80 percent of comments in its articles. It seems that artificial intelligence will learn. Likewise language of conversations and reverse the trend of trolls. who often dominate the conversation. Additionally, the mlm email addresses software recognizes comments that are toxic and irrelevant and then filters them out. The newspaper is not the only one. The Economist has also been experimenting with Jigsaw’s tools for months. but has not released it definitively. After a scandal in early 2017, where ads from terrorist groups appeared alongside brand ads. which caused more than 200 brands to stop advertising on. YouTube now the company is starting to bring some brands back. According to consultants, Pitmatics and Media Radar, YouTube has already managed to convince most of the advertisers it lost during the advertising boycott, however,

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The Brands Will Gradually Return Apparently

The brands will gradually return. Apparently 6 of the 13 largest companies in the United States. such as General Motors, Johnson & Johnso. Nestle, AT&T, Verizon and Walmart . which were showing offers from Apple or Vudu . have already returned to YouTube. since they started advertising again since May. And it is that the advertising agency that was in charge. of mediating advertisements of these brands with YouTube. CTP Boston, reported that the advertisements already gained 8 percent. of impressions on the video platform. Although the scandal affected YouTube at the time. Represented an opportunity for brands. who pressured Google to reduce its charges for advertising. For Google, in recent weeks it managed to make significant. changes to the control of advertiser metrics on YouTube.

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