Passionate about, it is always easier to find a way around it to make it possible. What challenges do you find for SWN in Argentina? I believe that we have done a lot and still have much more to do in terms of inclusion, diversity and gender equality in Argentina. At Salesforce Women Network Argentina, in addition to the programs and events I mentioned, we aim to encourage the adoption of Inclusive Practices in our workplace. We try to contribute to empowering our collaborators with inclusive business practices. In 2020, for example, we launched a training for managers.

We also take advantage of our internal events to reveal the standards Salesforce has in place . Through an awareness talk on prejudice and unconscious bias . to help ensure our promotions process is fair, consistent, and accessible to everyone. We spend time advising and supporting women to advance in our business with a global program, called “ Circles ”. Circles are small groups of women and allies who meet once a month to share experiences, learn new skills, accelerate their careers, and support each other. We launched them in May and partnered with Lean In .

But Our Work Is Not Limited

To Salesforce collaborators, through the Iceland phone number alliance we have with “ Chicas en Tecnología ””, for example, we are giving our women leaders the opportunity to showcase their skills, talents and abilities to younger women who are still in high school or taking their first steps in technology-related careers. We think this is really important, because one of the great elements of diversity and inclusion is ensuring that there are visible role models that people can identify with and aspire to be. That’s a big hurdle: you can’t be what you can’t see. We are also trying to expand our network and work more closely with other companies that are at different .

Iceland Phone Number List

Stages of this journey and share the same mission, so that we can share our learnings and also learn from them. We want to have more allies, because this is not just a mission for women in Salesforce, but for society as a whole, and I believe that strengthening the relationship with other companies to join forces under a common cause is one of the main challenges to enhance our impact and generate a radical change. What do you value most or enjoy the most about your work? I am fascinated by the idea of ​​having the opportunity to motivate, train and mentor the next generation of women leaders in technology.

Vision And Advice Of The Women

And allies around me. at the Salesforce Women Network . Being part of the group gave me the opportunity not only to have .  A positive impact in the local community, but also to meet incredible women from different . Areas of the company who inspired and accompanied me from the beginning . And whom I would not have had the opportunity to meet. know if it weren’t for SWN. Today I have new friends, mentors.  And colleagues from impact projects thanks to the time I dedicated to group activities, and being . Able to share projects under the same common cause in.  Which we all believe is a unique opportunity.

On a professional level, being in the leadership team allowed me to expand my network of contacts, improve my project management and planning skills, and be able to challenge my time management skills to lead several projects while developing my main role within Salesforce. Based on your experience. What would you say to those women who want to develop in technology companies? I would say: we are waiting for you!  leaders is born, and we’re , while also being able to nurture my own development with the ideas . Joining forces to make sure they go as far as they want in their dreams.

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