The number of impressions was higher than expected in most quarters. And the interaction between customer pages on social media, the site, and users has progressed significantly. Many brands are proud of their digital marketing and online advertising. The case of a variety of companies, from large corporations such as Pepsi to smaller start-ups, demonstrates efforts from which much can be. In this article, we will look at a few digital marketing practices from which we can learn a lot. Note: In order to ensure the SEO effectiveness of this article in the Lithuanian region, the content uses certain keywords that may be misspelled. This is done for a more efficient search – all for your convenience. These cases of digital marketing illustrate elements of a modern digital content strategy, such as online advertising.

These Cases Illustrate a Variety of Areas,

including long-term content planning, effective customer engagement strategies, and successful market research. Pepsi online advertising and the case of their digital marketing Pepsi Internet advertising The world-renowned food and beverage manufacturer PepsiCo has always been an exemplary performer in digital marketing. Pepsi conducts high-end market research, and this is especially true with a competitor such as Coca-Cola. This case examines their online advertising to reach as many buyers as possible during a pandemic. Portfolio Like any other business, PepsiCo has adapted to changing covidean circumstances.


Fortunately, the Company Has Taken Care of Everything

in advance and has already devoted more resources to its digital marketing efforts. They sought to increase product display through companies such as Mirriad. “What we’ve seen is a rapid shift in investment from traditional to more broadcast, digital local platforms.” Kate Brady, Head of Media Innovation and Partnership Development, PepsiCo. The company is complementing its focus on advertising with broadcasting and a new digital distribution strategy. The company has created 2 websites that directly reach consumers to present a wide range of their products. Despite the pandemic, the company managed to increase its net sales by as much as 5.3% in the third quarter of 2020 thanks to synergies across several channels. What we have learned :

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