The platform’s vp of ads rob goldman wrote on his blog. Monday why facebook needs private information from its users. One of the worst credibility and data leak crises. Was recently experienced by facebook. And cambridge analytica where more than 87 million users. Had their information compromised. The main focus of the problem was the us market. However other nations, notably mexico were also. Significantly affected data provided by the social platform. Itself indicates that the mexican nation occupies. Senegal Whatsapp Number List The fifth position within the. Top 10 of the countries most affected by this leak. This has led the brand to a decline in popularity. So its managers do everything possible to regain. The trust of its 2.72 million active users per month.

For This Reason the Platform’s Vp of Ads Rob Goldman

For this reason the platform’s vp of ads rob goldman. Wrote in his blog this monday why facebook needs. Private information from its users use your age. Senegal Whatsapp Number List Interests location and other details to better. Understand what you like, so you can serve ads that are. Relevant to you furthermore he stressed that it is of the utmost. Importance that it be clear to users that they. Are not the product and that facebook does not sell. Their private information we do not sell your information. When an advertiser runs a campaign on facebook. Senegal Whatsapp Number List We share reports about the performance. Of their ad campaign we could for example tell an. Advertiser that more men than women responded. To his ad and that most people clicked from his detailed.

Senegal WhatsApp Number List

Our product is social media, the ability to connect

Our product is social media, the ability to connect. With the people you care about wherever they are in the. It is that an investigation signed by accenture strategy. Reveals that for 85 percent of consumers. The main reason for staying loyal to a brand is transparency. In the management of their personal data and privacy. It is estimated that 789,880 users affected. By the facebook and cambridge analytica leak were. Registered in mexico which represents. 0.9 percent of the total number of users who saw their. Information compromised. Facebook subscribe. Senegal Whatsapp Number List To the premium content of merca2.0 from madrid to. Mexico city the most reliable source of global. Marketing strategies a look at the strategies of the. Big brands and consumer trends. Subscribe to merca.

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