Mainly at a time when the amount of information available is immense and everything happens very quickly, making it more difficult to pass lasting messages. With that in mind, we’re going to talk about how storytelling can help break down those barriers. Stories attract customers It all starts with the story of your business, which makes it unique. Find out what makes a difference for your customers and build a story from that. It is what we call brand experience and, consequently, customer experience. It is those stories that will make customers connect with your brand and choose your company. Stories keep teams connected Translate complex strategies and issues into stories that engage employees.

In addition to making your team feel part of something bigger, the story is a way to encourage learning and make the work more integrated. Stories are easy to understand and process According to a Stanford study, stories are up to 22 times more memorable than facts and numbers . Think of a meeting you participated in this week. Try your best to remember all the details from start to finish. Now think of a book you have read or a TV show you have watched in the last few days. Compared to the meeting, which one is easier to remember?How to tell a good story? Define what you need to communicate and what is the most important message.

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Think of the best way to build Singapore phone number your story. What is the beginning, middle and end of the presentation? A clue to get to elaborate that order is to follow the hero’s journey , a strategy widely used in several stories that talks about structuring the events starting with a brief introduction, then talking about the obstacles or difficulties encountered along the way, indicating how those situations were resolved and, finally, narrate the outcome and learning of the story. Telling stories in business has never been as popular as it is now. With the right information and a little experience, you can write your team’s story for success.

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Both cross-selling and up- selling are sales growth strategies that can improve the customer experience and therefore help your business sell more . However, it’s not good about exploring the customer’s buying potential, as up-selling and cross-selling are also about understanding their needs and offering something else, anticipating their wants, or even suggesting a product or service they want. may be a better option for what he is looking for. Likewise, once you know the concepts and apply up-selling and cross-selling in your  learn new ways to put them into action on a day-to-day basis, whether in the physical store or in e-commerce.

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Digital and physical are increasingly becoming a single channel. Continue reading the post and discover: What is up-sell? What is cross selling? How to apply the two sales strategies? How to use the CRM in the up-sell and cross-sell strategy? What is Cross-Sell? When we talk about cross- selling , or cross-selling , we are talking about the sale of related and complementary products or services based on customer interest or purchase of a product. To understand better, think of a company that makes an offer on an accessory to a customer.

Who buys a smartphone, or even a mouse and keyboard kit for a customer who buys a computer. Some stages are essential for cross-sell planning. Before applying the strategy, it is important to: Evaluate which related products and services are suitable for cross-selling; Identify the right customers to cross-sell; Understand the customer journey to hit the cross-sell offer. What is Up business, it is important to remember the essence of the strategies and Sell? If your answer was the latter, you are not alone. And storytelling is  the main responsible for that memory.

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