If you only need a first name. Don’t ask for first name. Last name. Blood type. Astrological sign. And harry potter house. Too many fields causes fatigue. Which then sends your visitors away. Slow loading time. If your website takes more than three seconds to load. You’re going to lose conversions. The Honduras Phone Number  internet operates at warp speed. And if your website is slow. People will quickly go somewhere else. Too much useless text. If the pages on your site are unnecessarily long. People will get bored and go watch cute cat videos. Hard to read fonts. We’ve all visited sites that use a weird font. What do we do? Get out fast

Don’t get overly creative with artistic fonts and colors. Above all. Your site should be easy to read. Too many actions. You should be driving your visitors toward a single. Primary action. Such as purchasing or signing up or contacting you. If you’re pushing visitors toward multiple actions. People can become Honduras Phone Number  confused and overwhelmed. Leading to a drop in conversion rate. More than anything else. You want your site to be smooth. Attractive. And easily readable. It should be. Relatively speaking. A pleasure to navigate your site. To identify friction points. Ab test variations of your pages. . 

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Enough with the features already when you’ve spent years perfecting a service or product. You can lose sight of the forrest for the trees. Here’s the thing: most people don’t care about the finer points of your product. They don’t care that your roller skate wheels are . microns thinner than the industry average Honduras phone number or that your carpets are triple under weaved with a double twist. What do people care about? Benefits. Repeat after me: it’s all about the benefits. Visitors want to know how your product or service will make their lives better. They want to know how you will give them access to the good life. 

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They want more comfort. Less pain. More free time. More money. And fewer taxes. They don’t want endless details about how you managed to cram more processors on your motherboards. They Honduras Phone Number  want to know that your computers won’t crash during tax season or finals week. When waxing eloquent about your roller skate wheels. Tell them how much faster they’ll go because of the thinner wheels. Explain how the weave of your carpets creates a soft. Plush. Stain-resistant carpet. Paint a picture for potential customers. 

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Help them envision how amazing their lives will be once they take what you offer. People don’t want to buy features. They want to buy a better life. . The proof is in the pudding social proof. Like case studies. Are an easy yet powerful way to boost your conversion rate. After all. People want to know that you Honduras Phone Number  get results. That you can actually deliver. That you’re not a con man looking to make a quick buck. If you can show people the exact steps you took to help a client succeed. You’ll demonstrate that you already have a proven track record. E-books and whitepapers are a great way to provide case studies to potential customers. You can make them longer than blog posts. And include more nitty gritty details. . 

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