Customer experience Customer experience is  to the way the customer engages and creates end-to-end connections with a company. Customers are increasingly demanding, connected and fast, demanding much more from brands than a product or service, but a value. It is at this point that we speak of experience. Forecast In the sales context, forecast is the billing forecast of your business , made based on your sales funnel and the opportunities are open. Sales Funnel The sales funnel is the entire process of closing a deal, from the moment of acquisition and the first contact with your company’s products or services until the final conversion.

Field Sales Field Sales is the same as external sales and it is a sales closing model where the salesperson leaves the company and goes to find the client. The term in English means “field sales”. Sales Follow-up Carrying out a follow-up means accompanying a business opportunity, resuming contacts with prospects or accompanying a client’s purchase process. Inbound Sales Inbound Sales is an indirect sales approach where the strategies are focused on customers finding the company naturally through digital marketing initiatives such as content and social networks.

Customer Journey The Customer

Journey is a mapping of the entire Japan Phone Number experience and  touchpoints of consumers with a company throughout their lifetime – your path from the first contact to the moment they become customers and also in the post- sale . KPI’s KPIs ( Key Performance Indicators ) are, in literal translation, the key performance indicators of your business. They are the parameters that you define to analyze results and measure the success of your strategy. Among the examples of sales KPIs we can mention conversion, average ticket, new customers, among others.

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lead The lead is a user who has a real interest in buying a product or service. It is in a level after prospect, since it has previously made a conversion, such as signing up for. A newsletter, completing a form or other interaction. MQL MQL is the status of a lead and it means Marketing Qualified Lead , that is, it is a lead that passed through the evaluation of your company ‘s marketing team . MOFU The acronym MOFU ( Middle of the Funnel ) refers to the intermediary phase of the sales funnel , which focuses on increasing the relevance of a company for interested users and transforming prospects and leads into customers.

Mrr Is The Monthly Recurring

Income of a company, that is, the value that the company has as fixed billing in a period of 30 days. Outbound Sales It is the inverse of Inbound Sales. Outbound Sales is the type of sale made with direct prospect by sellers. Prospect Prospect is a person who shows interest in what your company offers . Either through the survey of products or services, contact with the team or frequent consumption . Of the content and information available. When a prospect is align with the business proposal and has a real intention to . Convert, they can evolve to lead status. pipeline .

Therefore,  sales Post-sale is a stage of customer service and refers to all the strategies used . To offer a good experience for a customer after the purchase is clos.  With a focus on the relationship. Sales plan . The sales plan , as its name says, is the planning that guides . All the sales processes of a company and .   What are the strategies that will be us to achieve the objectives. ROI ROI is the acronym for Return on Investment, that is return on the investment made by a company. The sales pipeline represents the volume  of business opportunities that . A company has and is represent graphically by the sales funnel .

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