Digital consumption habits are a guide for brands. When adapting their advertising content. Digital consumption habits are a guide for brands when adapting their advertising content to trends in social networks, such is the case of vertical video, which despite its detractors, is seducing brands to create creative ads in this format. What is the vindication of vertical video The main reason stems from the data provided by mobile phone usability studies, which indicate that globally we occupy the cell phone in Liberia B2B List vertical orientation 94 percent of the time.

In addition we must add the popularity

In addition we must add the popularity. Of snapchat or periscope a social network designed. Specifically to transmit vertical video. Liberia B2B List For those still detractors of the vertical format. Snapchat figures refute the argument of. Considering vertical recording as a rookie mistake. Since the social network estimates that vertical. Video ads are reproduced in full 9 times. More than horizontal videos and due. To the position the user will let the video. Liberia B2B List Run naturally and organically.

Liberia B2B List

The impact of the vertical format has also

The impact of the vertical format has also. Had an impact on facebook and youtube, companies that have updated their mobile applications to allow full-screen playback of vertical videos. In addition, around this new way of making digital ads, services are emerging that seek to enhance vertical video, such as vertical reveal tm from the companies virool and rubicom project which dynamically embeds vertical video messages in Liberia B2B List appropriate editorial content on the web.

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