What are Chatbots? Chatbots , as their name suggests ( chat + bot ), are robots developed within a messaging application with the principle of automating communication. This functionality can be based on rules , such as predefined questions, keywords or closed commands, or on artificial intelligence (AI), in the most advanced cases, where the robot understands natural language and continues to learn with each chat and evolve to interact. getting better with people. In the case of AI-powered chatbots , this is all possible through machine learning , deep learning, and NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms.

That way, if your customer asks a question that the robot isn’t programmed to answer, you’ll get a correct answer. How to improve customer service with chatbots? Chatbots can greet your customers, answer questions, and even dive into your company’s customer service system to retrieve the status of each customer’s order. In addition, when the customer needs the attention of a real agent, the robot can seamlessly transfer the customer to an available member of your team. Today, 34% of consumers see chatbots as the fastest way to find and connect with a human assistant.

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About the main benefits of chatbots, the Bahamas phone numbers most representative question, both for Generation X and Generation Y consumers, is the 24/7 service. That further reflects the need to offer fast customer service at all times. Then right away, advantages appeared such as: Receive a return at the same instant; Get answers to simple questions; Facilitate communication; Have a good customer experience; Receive detailed information; Get answers to complex questions; Accessibility and friendly customer service. What is Einstein Bots? Einstein Bots is the Salesforce Service Cloud suite of tools that enable  and directly incorporated into your company’s workflows.

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Robots can be trained to improve customer service by automating tasks such as answering questions and obtaining information. On top of that, the models automatically learn and adapt with every interaction, delivering accurate, relevant, and personalized recommendations and forecasts. Have you been interest in chatbots, artificial intelligence and customer service? So get to know some content you might like too. See: Infographic: Guide to Artificial Intelligence in the Age of Customer Experience What is Artificial Intelligence? Four ways artificial intelligence will change just about everything .

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The question “how to sell more and better” has arisen in your head, right? Perhaps more than once? There are no doubts about how increasing sales is a formula desired both by small companies and by multinationals already consolidated in the market. With the objective of discovering this question and bringing a strategic vision on how your company can sell more , we bring several points that are essential for business and for sales in the world we live in today. How to increase sales in the Age of the Client? You have probably already heard that we are in the Age of the Client . Advances in technology, mobility, and the Internet have revolutionized customer behavior, needs, and expectations.

Watch the video and understand what your company needs to sell more and better . We are at a time when, more than ever,  customer connected, fast, informed and at the center of business. Therefore, with this, small companies need to adapt, mainly in relation to the sales strategy. For this reason, one of the great secrets is that, for your company to sell more in the long term, it is useless to only increase sales in numbers . In the sales opportunity scenario, quality is just as important as quantity. For the result to be effective, you need to think  strategy as a whole and improve the way your company does business.

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