Now that summer has arrived and the holiday Indonesia Phone Number. Season has started, you finally have some time to read interesting articles and books. But which one? These are 10 must-reads about online marketing during your Indonesia Phone Number vacation. After reading these articles and books, you can start improving your online marketing with a fresh look and full of good ideas. 1. ‘SEO: 5 reasons to optimize for Bing now [+guide]’ Bing’s market share is on the rise. Due to the merger of Bing and Yahoo, the search engine in America Indonesia Phone Number currently already has between 25% and 30% market share.

Better Indexation Indonesia Phone Number

Despite this reasonable market share, there Indonesia Phone Number are still many companies that do nothing with it at all. It is therefore also important to optimize your SEO (and SEA) for this search engine. The article ‘ SEO: 5 reasons Indonesia Phone Number to optimize for Bing now [+ manual] ‘ by Mathieu Manders on Frankwatching once again clearly explains why it is important to optimize for Bing, with a handy manual. 2. Brian Clifton’s ‘Successful Analytics’book_successful-analytics Web analytics is not yet valued by many Indonesia Phone Number companies. Paying for only insights and no concrete improvements sounds like wasted money for many clients.

Indonesia phone number
Indonesia phone number

Ranking Websites Indonesia Phone Number

But nothing is less true. Your entire online Indonesia Phone Number strategy is nothing without the insights obtained from web analysis. After all, every discipline within online marketing relies on web analysis. Brian Clifton’s ” Successful Analytics ” book is an interesting and comprehensive book on Google Analytics that is recommended by Indonesia Phone Number many web analysts. In a practical way you can read how and why you should use Google Analytics. 3. ‘5 Copywriting strategies that will improve your conversion rate by 113%’ Copywriting Indonesia Phone Number is an essential part of improving the conversion of your website.

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