Users point out the resemblance of donovan. with the iconic suit that juan. gabriel wore during his concerts. The national institute of fine arts in 1997. Donovan’s competition suit  crafted in black. And gold colored crystals. Edgar lozzano.australia mobile number database From guadalajara is the fashion designer who made donovan’s suit for beijing 2022. The suit  made especially for the competition. And presumed to weigh less than  kilo. The mexican donovan carrillo made history yesterday afternoon. Once again enhancing the sport and mexican athletes in international competitions. This time the figure skater put his name on everyone’s lips for his score of 79.69. Allowing the program to qualify long where he will fight for medals. During the beijing winter olympics. During his presentation of him, the mexican skater stood out for.

From guadalajara is the fashion designer

His Taraje Made With Black and Gold Crystals. Which Was a Creation of Fashion Designer Edgar Lozzano. A Native of Guadalajara. However Within Conversation Mention   Made. the Resemblance It Has to the Clothing Worn by the Singer. Songwriter Juan Gabriel During One of His Most Important Concerts by Him. Which Occurred at the Palace of Fine Arts in 1997. Pointing Out That. Is Me or When Mexicans Bring Out This Outfit Is It to Make History. Donovan Mexican From León Guanajuato. Manages After 30 Years to Be the First Mexican Skater to Compete. The Olympic Games Despite His Incredible Participation. Is All That Steals the Eye. Since Digital Conversation  Created  Networks.

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It  Estimated That  Has at Least Thousand Crystals

Due to the Outfit He Wore During Qualifying. The Suit Made by the Fashion Designer From Guadalajara. It  Estimated That  Has at Least Thousand Crystals. Which Makes It a Piece of Haute Couture Design. And Clothing and This Aspect Also Helps Reduce Its Weight to Almost a Kilo. Allowing the Mexican Skater to Obtain an Improvement Within the Competition. Similarly  Pointed. Out That the Suit Has a Cost of Around 60 Thousand Mexican Pesos. The Suit Made  the Golden Crystals Cover the Chest.shoulders and Back as Well as Certain Areas of the Legs..

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