If you missed , check out the recording on Salesforce LIVE . 4. A conversation with former First Lady Michelle Obama Former First Lady Michelle Obama gave us the honor of taking the stage at Dreamforce for a fireside chat with Salesforce President and CEO Marc Benioff. Mrs. Obama discussed her life as a normal citizen and the charitable causes most special and dear to her and her husband, former President Obama. 3. The Trailblazing entrepreneurs made their proposal Back by popular demand, the Dreampitch returned to the Dreamforce stage to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their ideas in front of a five-star panel.

The jury was made up of will.i.am, founder and CEO of i.am+; Chris Sacca, founder and president of Lowercase Capital and a frequent guest on Shark Tank ; Shahrzad  Rafati, founder and CEO of BroadbandTV, and Guy Oseary, talent manager at Sound Ventures. The panel evaluated proposals from three emerging companies based on the Salesforce platform. Retrolux, a sales solution exclusively for the lighting industry; Loop & Tie, a revolutionary corporate gift solution, and Meta Saas, a SaaS services and vendor management company, submitted interesting proposals, but only one could win the jackpot: a $250,000 investment from Salesforce Ventures.

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Congratulations, Loop & Tie! 2. The Belize Phone Numbers vision of during an informal conversation, Marc Benioff and Ginni Rometty, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of IBM, discussed the future of work. Both shared their vision on the impact of artificial intelligence in the workplace, as well as other technologies that are challenging traditional business models. They also talked about how the massive flow of data is drastically affecting the world. The talk touched on workforce development, and like Marc, Ginni believes education is the key to helping current and future employees thrive in a rapidly changing world. “The gap that we see in this country, its rich and its poor, is in education,” Ginni said.

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She emphasized the importance of mentoring, learning, and developing stronger technology curricula for students. 1. The Trailblazer Family Reunited Dreamforce is often compared to a “family reunion.” It’s a place where old friends meet again, where new friendships are formed, and even where marriage proposals happen . This year, from Camp Dreamforce to the Trailhead Zone, from lectures to technical sessions, Trailblazers shared perspectives, demos, and helped each other as one family. Each Trailblazer has their own story , but they all possess the same quality of striving to be better—and helping others along the way.

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Desire to share learning with others abounded throughout the week, such as Mike Katz.  Above all, executive Vice President of T-Mobile.  who recorded Dreamforce videos every day for his community. During Dreamforce we met Trailblazers like Stephanie Herrera , who founded ATX Girly Geeks and created Salesforce Saturday. A community meetup to learn about Salesforce. Stephanie shared her story at the Kickoff Conference with Marc Benioff. Dreamforce is an amazing reminder of the power of the entire Trailblazer community. SEE ALL POSTS By 2020, more than 3 billion social media users will be leaving . However, digital trails of demographics, preferences, and buying habits.

Therefore, every company must have a  of its products and services. Therefore, learn the four best practices for your social media marketing strategy: 1. Learn to listen and take advantage of information . One of the biggest benefits of using social media as part of your marketing strategy is the feedback and quality . Of information you’ll get from your target audience. People who use social networks are willing to interact and share experiences. Learn to listen and analyze how this data can be useful to better understand .  Your target audience and optimize your services and products.

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