And AI can play an important role in this. Because Panama B2B List by applying (hyper) personalization, you can achieve your goals (faster). How do you determine the right Panama B2B List message per recipient? A simple example is adding products that the person has previously viewed. This data Panama B2B List can be provided by a CDP (Customer Data Platform). But that CDP can also indicate which stage of the See-Think-Do-Care model the recipient is in. How likely they are to purchase a product, which event the attendee is most interested in, and which courses someone is interested in.

On Historical Panama B2B List

Viewed on the website. And so on. How do you Panama B2B List determine the right shipping time per person? This is possible with a mechanism that is integrated with some ESPs ( email service providers ). This allows you to determine the best shipping moment on an individual level based on historical Panama B2B List open data. Imagine: I check my inbox every day at lunchtime and my colleague around 10am, during Panama B2B List her morning coffee. With Send Time Optimization you set up a dispatch that will send emails on an individual level during a 24-hour cycle. I then receive the e-mail around 12.30 pm, during lunch time.

Panama B2B List

The Right Panama B2B List

While my colleague gets the same e-mail in Panama B2B List her inbox earlier that day around 10 o’clock. That would increase the chances of opening the email, don’t you think? The right message, to the right person, at the right time These are just a few examples where AI can help deliver the right Panama B2B List message to the right person at the right time. Often a CDP helps with this. But make sure you’re ready for Panama B2B List that, because it does require dedication and resources from the marketing department. For example, links must be created to get the data from your webshop or ERP system to the CDP. In addition, use cases must be devised.

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