Despite the problems facebook remains the social network. With the greatest presence worldwide it has more. Than 2,200 million users and only during. The first quarter of 2018 it obtained. Revenues of 9,966 million dollars, of which 11,795. Were from advertising there has already been. A lot of discussion about facebook and the. Cambridge analytica scandal and how. This has affected users however its effects. Will take time to be reflected meanwhile. The social network continues to work on ways. To regain the trust and interest of its subscribers. In terms of trust we have already addressed. The issue a lot, especially due to the different changes. Announced in recent weeks focused on giving users greater. Control over their personal information.

Attracting the interest of users is the issue that concerns

Attracting the interest of users is the issue that concerns. Us this time, since it is a function that has been. Rumored for months and that many hope that. Buy Finland Whatsapp Numbers Facebook will already launch for all users the. I don’t like it or downvote we know that facebook. Is testing this new function and this monday some details .Of its operation were revealed. Apparently the button that can already. Be seen in the accounts of some users and is being designed to allow better management of the. Comments and reactions that the publications receive. Despite the problems facebook remains the. Social network with the great. Est presence. Worldwide it has more than 2,200 million.

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Facebook has been testing this function for some time

Facebook has been testing this function for some time. Which would evolve from a simple I don’t like or. Dislike to a downvote that allows users to hold. Better public discussions and thus define. Which comments are not worth seeing at the top. Of a page publicationthe social network levies these tests. In a group of summaries from the united states. Australia and new zealand. The idea does not sound bad, this would pave. The way for users to be able to establish debates. In terms of respect it is not about preventing. People from giving their opinion. But if it is possible to do so without insults and aggression. What better. This is what facebook would intend .

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