In addition several brands have been affected in recent months. By hiring influencers who have not been 100 percent honest. In giving the correct information about their followers. The purchase of followers. By influencers is becoming more common with the. Aim of getting closer to brands or obtaining. A free service or product a recent study by analytics company. Points north group shows which brands spent. The most on instagram influencer marketing during. March 2018.The report also shows which campaigns were the most efficient. And which were the most affected .By it fake followers with ritz carlton being the brand. With the most fake followers with 78 percento Which means that more than three quarters of the. pending was spent on a misused marketing strategy.

That Is Why the H2h Agency Decided to Create a Seal

That is why the h2h agency decided to create a seal. That will have the objective of identifying high-quality. Buy Latvia Whatsapp Numbers Therefore  the tool will serve to accredit their audience. And thus provide peace of mind. To brands that wish to advertise with them. This is the first certificate of transparency for influencers. And it will be available from may 2018. Influencers can obtain. This document for free through the page www.Humantohuman.Es which certifies the quality of their audience on instagram. . At the moment the agency has already given the. First 10 first certificates to spanish influencers. Among them are silvia zamora natalia cabezas isabel llano. Sergio carvajal itziar aguilera maría pombo. Andrea compton jorge cremades. Marta riumbau laura escanes and paula ordovás.

Buy Latvia WhatsApp Numbers

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Subscribe to the premium content of from madrid. To mexico city the most reliable source of global. Marketing strategies a look at the strategies of the big. Brands and consumer trends. Subscribe to already a subscriber. Take me to premium contentliz poon liz poon publicist. Loret this is how amlo benefited loret de mola. In the digital join over readers sign up for our newsletter. In the following way and receive the most important. Marketing advertising and media news in your. Email first. Thing in the morning name write. Your name email write your email prev. The growth of chinese trade in latin america.The growth of chinese trade has positioned. The asian country as one of the most. Important economic powers in the world.

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