Being up to date on everything related to marketing. Advertising and the media is essential. For marketing professionals and the merca.2.0 portal contains the best exclusive content. With the most relevant topics being up to date on. Everything related to marketing advertising. And the media is essential for marketing professionals. And the merca2.0 portal contains. The best exclusive content with the most relevant topics. This week the video interviews with the directors. Of beker socialand pepe beker and federico isuani. Will be available the company. Defines itself as the first latin american all-line agency. Also on video you can access the information. Spain B2B List Provided by juan carlos tapia ceo of publicis mexico.

The agency belongs to publicis groupe which also

The agency belongs to publicis groupe which also. Owns saatchi & saatchi leo burnett marcel among. Many other each year it obtains revenues of more. Spain B2B List Than 9 billion euros. In an exclusive interview. We have mark alazraki, creator of the club de cuervos. Series and mises chiver, producer of the spin off. La balada de hugo sánchez according to morga. Stanley netflix spent $6 billion creating content. In 2017 more than amazon prime which spent. Nearly $4 billion, while hbo spent less than $2 billion. Finally, stay tuned for the day’s infographics. Including work motivation and why it’s key for companies . Spain B2B List Follow this and more through social networks and the merca2.0 website.

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Spain B2B List

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