The behavior of small children wherever the place always invites laughter. Even at sacred events they still act funny.Just like what this little girl did, she acted to the groom to invite the laughter of the invited guests. The funny moment was immortalized in a short viral video uploaded by the Tikor social media account grentea089 .


“Bokil is disturbing,” the video reads as quoted by, Tuesday (26/07/2022).

Video footage shows the atmosphere of the wedding ceremony of the bride and groom that will soon be held. The marriage ceremony was held in a mosque.

Invited guests were present to witness

the wedding ceremony of this couple. They sit around with the middle position there is only the penghulu and the groom who is ready to perform the marriage contract.

A little girl wearing a Venezuela Phone Number white dress like the bride and groom is acting. At first the little girl kissed the bride who was sitting in front of the invited guests.

After kissing the bride, the little girl returned to acting. This time he acts to the groom who will carry out the marriage contract.

Suddenly the little girl walked up to the groom from behind. The little girl jumped on the groom’s shoulder.

As a result, the little girl sits on the shoulders of the groom. All the invited guests who were present immediately laughed at the girl’s childish behavior.

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Sitting on the Groom’s Shoulders
Likewise, the groom whose shoulders were occupied by this little girl laughed too. He also asked the little girl to get off his shoulder.

The female Bokil then lowered her

body backwards. The video of the funny behavior of the little girl at the marriage ceremony was watched 5.9 million times.

The comments column for the video was immediately flooded with various responses from netizens who were watching.

“I call her beautiful and brave,” commented one netizen.

“The team kept repeating but always laughing,” said another.

“That’s what small children make laugh, that’s why I’m happy to be a Kindergarten teacher,” said another.

“Fortunately, the ex-boyfriend didn’t come to his feet,” said another.

“Eh, the jump is really high,” another netizen responded.


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