By doing so. It gets at the deep-rooted essence of what it is to be a human being. And now. Thanks to social media and the digital world. Experiential marketing can take on a whole new. Huge dimension. Experience it for yourself. Here are five ways to go big with experiential marketing and your digital Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List marketing strategy: conent marketing guide free download the ultimate guide to content marketing for business first name * email * download now . Be visually appealing the power of an incredible visual experience is intoxicating. Images can burn themselves into your brain and leave an indelible impression. Take. For example. The portfolio from marketing and branding agency base creative.

In other words, For credit suisse. Base creative created and managed an event called “conversations with the innovators of the world”. The event used edison’s lightbulb as motif. Be visually appealing Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List for experiential marketing the lightbulb is a symbol of the event’s identity. Through the lightbulb and its association with discovery. And through the concept of innovation. Credit suisse is linked visually and conceptually to innovation. Be visually appealing  for experiential marketing elsewhere. Base creative created and marketed the grand opening event for luxury retail group harvey nichols. 

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In other words, The marketing portion included a pre-invitation. Designed to appeal to the harvey nichols’ target audience. Be visually appealing  for experiential marketing the event included a brand video. Interactive fashion exhibits. A d  wall. And of course. Cocktails. Harvey nichols used wings Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List made from clothes hangers to represent the brand’s focus on fashionable clothing. Be visually appealing  for experiential marketing key takeaways from this visual approach include: identify the core of your brand – what it stands for. What it values create a visual representation of what you stand for – use your symbol in combination with an event identify a target audience for marketing

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Therefore, The event incorporate your branded symbol in the marketing deliver a message of your company’s intent and value to attendees your mission is to throw an event that makes an awesome impression on attendees. However, This impression extends to your brand. In addition, Corresponding digital action: live video feedJiangxi Mobile Phone Number List via social media there are multiple platforms on which to do this. Including twitter. Above all, Meerkat. For instance, And periscope. And on facebook. Live video gets a ranking priority over other types of content (at least. That’s what facebook says). 

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Therefore, Since it’s far and away the biggest network. Let’s concentrate on how to do this with facebook: you’ll need an ios or android device let people know ahead of time when you’ll be going live and what the event is to stream directly from your company page. Tap to update your status and tap the liveJiangxi Mobile Phone Number List icon live video feed via social media for experiential marketing image source: social media examiner post a title or description of the event in the status update select your audience – in this case. Choose “public” tap “go live” respond to comments and ask viewers what they think and what they want to see earlier I mentioned that you’ll want to let people know about the event on facebook ahead of time.

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