Whether it’s Offline or Online, so an important part of the sale is Communication to meet the purpose of the sender and receiver to be linke through various meia Graphic design is therefore one element. that provides that communication come out completely Which in terms of design work for many people may think that it would be the same Then Khun Little thinks What’s the difference between general graphics and marketing graphics? I really think graphic design it is Art that nees to be communicate to people who see it. understand the purpose we want to communicate So general graphics versus marketing graphics. differs mainly in the purpose.

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There is no right or wrong From the experience of working in the field of graphic design and in the digital agency line Of course, we will have to face various design problems that Mr. Tle thinks. What are the challenges in marketing graphic design? The challenges in each job are different. Sometimes the purpose of communicating is something that is easy to Japan Phone Number understand with customers, such as buy 1 get 1 free or what are the strengths of this product? Therefore, the difficulty of marketing from the point of view of the design depends on the purpose to be communicate. Some works are very new products. Never been sold before, how do we communicate to make consumers believe.

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Understand that product to be one of his options. So it’s very challenging to communicate. There may be a nee to collect information of the customer’s interests. Do more homework, experiment more, to answer the questions you’ve come across. What are Buy Email List the main elements in graphic design for marketing ? In my own view, the most important element is various purposes who want to communicate to consumers to understand the most And believe in what we communicate like we speak using sound, but graphics are the use of images or other meia. Communicate instead of voice between brands and consumers. Which job has impresse Mr. Tle the most since he has done it.

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