Today the blog has reached over  million visitors since we started with a simple  word post in  and here are the top growth hacks that helped me get there. More reading: “+ tips & tactics to grow your web traffic” growth hacks for traffic. Conversion and sales traffic traffic is the place where is starts. It is the lifeblood Cambodia Phone Number  for digital entrepreneurs. A website is no longer just an online billboard. It should be your marketing machine. Driven by the art of engaging content and the technology of marketing automation platforms. Pop ups and landing pages and data collection. 

This should lead to ongoing optimization of tactics and business tweaks that use the data insights to drive change. Here are some of the tactics that have made a difference. . Publish long form content banging out short fluffy post maybe worked a few years ago. Then google decided that it would give more authority to Cambodia Phone Number  long form posts that added real value to readers. So try writing posts that are  to  plus words. Make them a resource type post that people will want to link to when they are writing their posts. This organic link building will push your posts up the rankings. Hence more free traffic from search engines. Here is some data from serpiq that shows the average length of the top  results of search queries. 

Elements That Cambodia Phone Number

They are all longer than . words! Average-content-length-of-the-top–search-resultsn-serp-iq . Publish your best content on medium with over . million unique visitors a month). Medium is a blogging style platform that gets your content in front of another audience. Building an audience there is also Cambodia phone number an important part of growing awareness and traffic. Since creating my profile on medium and publishing there have been able to build a following of over . readers. Medium-jeff-bullas so take some of your best content and re-post it on medium. Sometimes the traffic will surprise you. In september the  top social media marketing trends post received over . views.

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Jeffs-medium-data make sure you link back to your blog or website to get more attention and traffic with a simple call to action or even link from your bio at the bottom of the post. Jeffs-bio-on-medium . Publish on flipboard flipboard with over  million hist per month is a site that allows you to grow followers. Cambodia Phone Number  Create your own magazine(s). This can drive more visitors than facebook on some posts. Marketing your brand is about being everywhere in a wide range of media formats to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your web properties.  So create your own flipboard magazine for your blog. 

The Different Cambodia Phone Number

Load up your articles and you have your blog in a magazine format. Flipboard just happens to make it look sensational! As flipboard is not just an app now but also on the web. This adds Cambodia Phone Number  another distribution point to amplify your content in another format. Here is the traffic being driven to the jeffbullas blog by flipboard a couple of days ago.  ways brands can market with flipboard example: here is the jeff bullas blog magazine  ways brands can market with flipboard .

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