As part of the sales process. Lists of urls. Slide decks. Videos and documents are diligently researched and created. This is not smart use of time. The change was to start sharing this content with other customers. Taking care to redact references identifying who the content was originally for. We also Belize Phone Number used the content to inspire new guides. Blogs and documentation. Now more than  of our blog traffic now comes from a single ‘new content’ ad on our app’s login page. The test of really valuable content is whether it makes you question if you’re giving away too much.

Learn to embrace that anxiety as a sign that you’re doing the right thing. (this blog post is a good example of opening that kimono!)  – augmented automated onboarding with a sincere Belize Phone Number welcome like other saas providers. We use autoresponders during the customer lifecycle – predefined email sequences sent at predefined intervals. For all their advantages. We felt we were leaving our sincerity in the hands of a machine. And missing opportunities to reach out and add value to a recently acquired customer. As founders. Mark (copeman) and I now invest more time finding out about new customers and getting in touch. 

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Can we help? Have you thought of this or that? The objective is to help them feel confident we will personally help them if they need us to. Not to elicit the maximum  response. Look at autoresponders as a framework. Rather than a rulebook. For your onboarding communications. Mix it up once in a while – go Belize phone number and talk to a real customer or prospect whenever you can. It’s hugely rewarding.  – ensured regular customer-founder contact our customers are spread across + countries and there are a lot more of them than us. Coupled with our low cost of product (typically sub $month). Visiting them all in person is sadly a pipedream. 

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But existing customers are massive users of webchat. And mark and I personally staff it at least twice a week. This isn’t a vanity exercise; there is no reason to make a point that “you are chatting with a founder today.” do this to discover a real-time intimacy with customers that you haven’t had before. Belize Phone Number Understand their perspective and give the highest possible level of service. Being on the front line is a good place to spend your time as a business owner. you get for challenging the revenue status quo we’d hoped to create a foundation for future growth. 

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What we weren’t expecting was significant. Immediate growth of nearly . The ultimate. Unintended consequence of focusing entirely on existing customers was to have won lots of new customers. This is exactly what happened. It’s hard to measure. But we believe that referrals from happy customers have increased Belize Phone Number significantly. We’re also seeing existing customers spend more. Largely because we’ve made it easier for them to upgrade and we’re concentrating on showing them the value they get through better interaction and content. Worksheet: benchmark your unique customer retention potential there are no shortcuts to being more successful at customer retention.

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