Wait for approval within hours. when you deliver ads There will be Advertisement and Meia review by LINE team within hours after which the advertisement can only be publishe once both are approve. You can check the meia consideration status by the following steps. Click on go to Share Libraries Meia section. Check Consideration Status status displaye on the page The consideration status is as follows. Considering is a status that is in the process of being reviewe. Can create ads but cannot be publishe Available is a status that has been considere complete and has been approve.

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Ads can be publishe once setup is complete. Rejecte is a status that has been considere disapprove. Unable to publish ads The rejection reason will be displaye when the mouse cursor is hovere over the symbol.CREATE PIECES FOR ADVERTISING line creative lab For anyone who is not good at designing or graphics on LINE there is a helper especially for those who want to create ads on LINE Ads Platform but can t make graphics like LINE Creative Panama Phone Number Lab. You can create beautiful advertisements in few clicks There are many templates to choose from. HOW TO MEASURE ADS.Impression – seeing advertisements The number of times a LINE ad is displaye which we can measure immeiately when that ad is displaye on the LINE Ads Platform to users even if the person who saw the ad was the same person.

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By seeing ads Suitable for campaigns that want to create awareness or want people to remember the brand. The measure of Impression is CPM which stands for Cost Per Impressions. Advertisers using CPM ads set a desire price per ad impressions Buy Email List and pay each time their ads appear.Click – click The user clicks on that ad for example the person who sees the ad clicks the button. Or a link that the brand has create to visit the brand s website. This is ideal for campaigns that primarily look at clicks such as website traffic. or application downloads The one use to measure clicks is CPC which stands for Cost Per Click which will only pay when someone clicks on that ad.

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