Sharing my pictures (which were of an abysmal quality. As I did have a habit of buying only keypad phones) was a mistake of the highest level. Sharing images of my kids was the Find Your phone number turning point in my pseudo-blogging (can’t find a better name for it). The photos were taken when they were in their pyjamas and pants under the christmas tree. I didn’t know then that nudity photos of your kids are a taboo and can’t be shared on a blog or social media. I actually got into a trap.

Soon I received a letter from a man where he described how he liked my kids and how lovely they were (not a common letter. Believe me – deleted it at once). I had almost the same Find Your phone number issue that erica brooke had a few years ago. What I learned: that there is a thing called blogspot and it is free to start a blog there; that I could change the image size in my post and actually edit it; it helped me self-criticize objectively; I grew very protective of my children. Month  avoid boasting for blogspot challenge  – hi everyone! I read that playing with words was one of the methods to name a blog. 

The Files Find Your Phone Number

So. I tried that with my blog. Now. It’s whiteflowersofpo. White is my pen name. Nothing extraordinary and awesome. But still better than the previous one. Right? I decided to follow my writing passion and dedicate my blog to it. The first post was on february . As it usually happens. It was a hi Find Your phone number everyone! Post – just to say hello to people and to announce my presence in the space of blogging. Did I expect a welcome comment? Something like “nice to meet you. Sam!”. “how are you. Sam?” etc.? Well. You know the answer. Everyone wants to be noticed

Find Your phone number

Unfortunately. There was zero. A huge zero that hurt my self-esteem. But I survived and waited (poor thing). Month  hi! Everyone for blogspot time passed and nobody commented on Find Your phone number my poor small poems. But all of a sudden. After half a month of me waiting. Several comments appeared. I was happier than ever. But soon comments ran out as abruptly as they emerged. What I learned: that there is not only blogspot as a blogging platform (though I didn’t change it to wordpress or typepad); that waiting isn’t the best thing to do while blogging.

Stored in Find Your Phone Number

 I learned to write fast and much; I learned that writing fast and much doesn’t help you engage readers anyway. Challenge  – google! As a result. I had only  posts in march. I started to write my poetry in february. But I didn’t expect the ideas to develop more. However. I surprised myself. I thought it Find Your phone number would be a trilogy. But already now. I have vii parts and I’m planning to add the eighth one. I gave myself a chance to create. To forget about household. Work. Even kids. One more mistake I made was the appearance of the posts. Every time I wanted to post a new part. I added the text into a picture and posted only the image. Without any text.

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