Chart, select “load a color chart” then in your downloaded files, click on Palettes-wishes-grapheine-2022.ase the color chart appears. The end of Pantone colors in Adobe software? Adobe has announced that starting in March the preloaded Pantone color libraries will be “removed from future software updates” and that they are “looking for an alternative solution for the affected products” still unannounced at this time. We can easily imagine the impact of this decision could have on printers. Unlike CMYK or RGB which vary from one screen to another, the rendering of Pantone colors is absolute and identical, regardless of the country, the place of printing, or the digital or paper medium. Typography and architecture, of the same rigour, leave nothing to chance. As Virgninia Smith explains in her article on the modern marriage between architecture and typographies.

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The color spectrum thanks to the  numerical T-Shirt Design Service model which measures the ratio between the luminosity (L), the red/green value (a), and the blue/yellow value (b), a bit like calculating the latitude, longitude and altitude of a color. The colors offered can also be metallic, pastel or neon, and are standardized both on paper and on sewing threads. The Pantone empire has grown over the years to such an extent that it has become a staple in deciding trends and “colors of the year”; we talk about it in more detail in this blog post. Nevertheless, with the upsurge in the use of digital, the decline in paper printing, and the advent of digital printers, Pantone must reinvent itself so as not to sink. Graphic designers and other members of the image professions have become accustomed.

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Printed, to Refer Either to the Pantone Buy Email List Paper Color Chart. Or to Find a Digital Equivalence via the Color Chart in the Pantone Library on Adobe. Or to Go on Site to the Printer and Manually Do Color. Tests Until You Find the One That Best Matches. We Understand That the Use of Pantone Simplifies This Research and Therefore Costs Significantly More for the Printer. But We Deplore This Colorimetric Standardization and the Lack. Of Creativity That It Can Generate, and Above All the Hostage-taking. That It Operates on Those Who Depend on These Colors. Moreover, Date Back About Ten Years. Architecture and Typography in Our Bauhaus Posters. This First Poster Produced by Us Evokes the Great Similarities Between. Architecture and Typography. Through a Fictional Exhibition Celebrating 100 Years of Bauhaus.

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