PR becomes social, social becomes marketing, marketing Taiwan Phone Number becomes communication and engagement – ​​and that’s what it’s all about. That we as PR professionals are becoming techies and that we should be ( what else is new ). O and organizer, policy maker, internal lubricant, collaboration Taiwan Phone Number facilitator, (pre) crisis doctor, brand ambassador and master of the metrics . That people – and organizations – are still afraid of transparency, interaction and letting go of the urge to control. But that Taiwan Phone Number the brands that do show guts benefit a lot, a lot from that. That speed is key, and so is storytelling.

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That we need to anticipate much Taiwan Phone Number more than react. That many people don’t even realize they’re reading a blog anymore (who dares to say that blogging is dead? Shel Holtz certainly isn’t). In short: that stories are the ‘stories of our PR-lives’. And we got stories, lavishly, on 16 and 17 May in the ING house in Taiwan Phone Number Amsterdam. Thanks to organizers PRdaily , Coopr and ING . My story about these stories, in two parts. After all, it was two full days. Mark Ragan Mark Ragan: ‘Stop begging the media. Become the Taiwan Phone Number media.’ Brand journalism or press release Everything revolves around content. Host Mark Ragan (CEO Ragan communications, who also publishes the PR Daily) shared his content in his own American way.

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About brand journalism (read the fun definition Taiwan Phone Number discussion about this) and the role that social media play for journalists. Various studies (including one by ING, which will be released in two weeks) show that journalists Taiwan Phone Number are increasingly looking for news, stories and backgrounds on social media. Something that was also repeated by Tom Foremski in the panel discussion. PR professionals still think Taiwan Phone Number too much in terms of resources and channels, instead of content (strategy), he said, among other things: “ Stop begging the media, become the media ”.

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