The tweetbot talon and twitterrific applications. Where they state that apart from june 19 their operation. Will be compromised because features such as receiving. Notifications or refreshing the timeline. In real time will no longer be available due to a change. Made by twitte the reputation crisis that facebook. Is now experiencing is perhaps the most worrying. In its entire history audiences of all kinds and advertisers. Have their eyes fixed on the social network due to the dubious. Handling that it gives to the information of its. Subscribers data that is neither few nor of low quality. A recent online poll by reuters and ipsos found. Germany B2B List That 41 percent of americans trust facebook to obey. Laws that protect their personal information.

Down from the percent who said they trust amazon

Down from the percent who said they trust amazon. 62 percent who trust google and 60 percent who believe. Germany B2B List In microsoft the fall in this essential asset for this and. All social networks, translated into significant. Losses in its stock market valuation. On march. After mark zuckerberg agreed to testify before congress. About the scandal, the company’s shares fell. 5 percent which added to the 18 percent loss. About 80 billion dollars of market value. Which the firm has lost since the data breach. Was disclosed although the above is nothing. Minor and speaks of the scope of the problem the truth is. That the effects of uncovering this bug will not be. Germany B2B List Limited only to zuckerberg’s social network.

From now on their counterparts will be on the radar

Germany B2B List

From now on their counterparts will be on the radar. Of users and any incident related to privacy no matter. How minor will be punished with a heavy hand and. Without hesitation facebook began notifying. The nearly 87 million users affected by the leak. Of their private data who have been victims of the. Cambridge analytica casetwitter knows this. And as a way to prevent a crisis. The platform seems to have announced important. Limitations for those third-party applications that. Use its service to functio this was announced in a. Germany B2B List Statement written by the tweetbot tweetings.

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