For every success story you see online. There are hundreds of failures you never hear about. To help you become the superstar blogger. Internet marketer or entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be. I’ve hand selected seven awesome infographics to provide you with the necessary tools. Research. And Ghana Phone Number  motivation to keep you and your business moving ahead. Traffic guide free download the ultimate guide to website traffic for business. First name * email * download now a look at the world of blogging today of the many different ways to get start with a business or content based site of your own. Blogging is definitely the easiest. 

Thanks to the power of wordpress. Anyone can go live with a site of their own in just minutes. While also costing just a few dollars per month. Grab a domain name. Set up hosting and create something amazing! These are the core basics of blogging. But if we were to stop there then we wouldn’t be doing the Ghana Phone Number  world of blogging justice. The internet of the mid-s and early .s was very static and mostly a one-way conversion. Now it’s all about engagement. Through the blogging stats  infographic below we can take a look at how blogging has changed the way people. Businesses. And brands use and create content on the internet today. 

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Be a better entrepreneur where email is headed in  just like how blogging has helped restructure the face of the internet. And how it’s viewed and used today. Email has done exactly the same thing. However. Just because you are using email within your brand or business. It doesn’t necessarily mean you Ghana phone number are doing it correctly. To best understand the power of email marketing. We must look at the different ways it’s being used by other brands and marketers in the world today. At the same time. We should also see some visual numbers on just how effective email marketing and its reach can be. 

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All of this and more can be seen in this email marketing stats infographic below. How and where email is headed in  for be a better entrepreneur the future is mobile… where will Ghana Phone Number  your content be? We’ve covered the importance of blogging and email marketing in the world today. But something many people are still behind the curve on is mobile. Not just mobile marketing. But also mobile usage. How it will effect the future of internet browsing and more importantly. How your audience is accessing your site through different mobile/desktop/tablet devices. 

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What many site owners and brand marketers would be surprised to know is that mobile usage now accounts for more than half of all internet viewing. This means more of your audience is likely accessing your site through a mobile device or tablet versus a desktop computer or laptop. While this might not seem  Ghana Phone Number  like a big deal… it definitely is. Some points of interest to consider with such changes in the industry are; is your website responsive and how does it look when being viewed on different devices? Is it easy for someone to complete a form or order something through your mobile website?

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