It is a combination of art and science where content creativity meets technology. This is where buzzfeed happened. You could call it a “new age media company designed for a social and mobile web”. Buzzfeed’s story began in . It started with some inspiration. An email that went viral after Exit Mobile Phone Numbers jonah peretti (one of the founders) shared an email with  friends and it reached millions of people. The inspiration and ideas from that incident didn’t take form until . So before the real buzzfe got start peretti found. Huffington post with ken lerer and ariana huffington in .  While there he started a side project and ideas lab which was at first called “contagious media” in may . 

It officially kicked off in  october . By . Buzzfeed had hit  million visitors a month. The essence of its success is found on these foundational tactics. Contagious content. Viral distribution. Technology Exit Mobile Phone Numbers focus and its use of data to keep testing and iterating. Other milestones  saw their first acquisition of kingfish labs which focused on optimizing facebook ads. Another acquisition followed of toronado labs (a data engineering team) in  they raised $ million from the vc company andreessen horowitz in august . Nbcuniversal invested another $ million by july  it was receiving  million monthly visitors according to quantcast. 

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See below) note: what is interesting here is that its own web properties traffic has shrunk. In july  it was receiving  million visitors a month. But what has happened is that it has moved its content strategy to other sites. Where it receives billions of visits and views. Buzzfeed traffic in  by quantcast the Exit Mobile Phone Numbers marketing and keys to success the cornerstone of buzzfeed’s initial success was the creation and curation of viral content. From the headlines to the visual media. But what the real secret is the use of technology that measures and then uses that data to provide ongoing optimization of content and distribution that maximizes views. 

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But the ongoing success is the ability of the buzzfeed team to rapidly evolve and change its tactics as the social web has twisted and turned and continued to morph. So how can we summarize this? The first phase: this was a vertically integrat strategy with the main aim being driving traffic to the website. Buzzfeeds clasic Exit Mobile Phone Numbers vertical integration graphic source : buzzfe core marketing tactics for growing views and revenue. Headlines. Large listicles and curiosity gap headlines a big facebook focus when. It drove organic traffic curation of other sites content that was then re-purposed with 

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New headlines quizzes – these are still some of their most shared posts website built for the social web niche marketing – a passionate small tribe will often take a piece of content Exit Mobile Phone Numbers viral stacked images –  images will drive more sharing than just one for more information: “ content marketing lessons from the world’s fastest growing websites“ the second phase: this has risen due to facebook changing its algorithms from organic to paid traffic focus. New growth avenues had to be found for views and readers. It is about a “network integration strategy”. 


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