The video generated a trend on twitter with more. Than 196 thousand tweets published criticizing. The health of the democratic candidate. The campaign for the presidency of the united. States of the democratic candidate hillary clinton, had an impact on her image this sunday due to a video showing the moment in which politics almost fainted. The incident occurred at a commemorative event for the terrorist attack in new york city, Oman B2B List after a couple of planes hit the twin towers.

Negative impact generated by the campaign

Negative impact generated by the campaign. then again,Led to the creation of the hashtag hillaryshealth. With an impact of 262,630 impressions on twitter. Oman B2B List And a reach of 224,857 accounts.  On tweet reach. Hashtags data by hashtagify. Me clinton’s campaign had already gone. Through a crisis episode in which. at the same time,His health condition had been questioned . despite,On that occasion the democrat stayed away. Oman B2B List From the press and public events.

In fact she did not participate in activities

Oman B2B List

different from,In fact she did not participate in activities. in contrast,In the state of louisiana after the effects. That impacted that entity after the passage. Of hurricane sandy who did take advantage. Of this humanitarian incident was the republican. Candidate donald trump who went to carry out. Activities in the state and criticized the democrat’s. Inactivity on social networkse to this incident. Where the health status of the democratic. Candidate Oman B2B List clinton went to the comedian.

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