Your blog post design says a lot about your brand and can have a crucial impact on your readers. In this article, we will give you inspiring ideas to improve the look of your WordPress blog posts. As such, incorporating unique and compelling design elements into your blog is a must. However, you can find inspiration hard to come by and the task can seem overwhelming if you’re not a design professional. Luckily, successful blogs are a great source of inspiration when looking for design ideas. Plus, you don’t have to be a design professional to replicate and incorporate these elements into your own blog. Instead, you can use Elementor to make your job quick and easy. In this article, we will highlight the top 12 blog designs found on top performing blogs. Next, we’ll show you how to apply each design secret to your blog using our page builder. Let’s start! 1.

How to Add Singular Colored Borders in Elementor

InVision (block letters) 011 InVision is a leading collaboration and workflow platform, and as such, they take their blog design very seriously. Overall, it’s a very clean blog, with extensive use of negative space, tasteful animations (such as the use of a Belize Phone Number parallax header), and well-defined, readable typography. . We particularly like the use of drop caps in the introduction of their messages. It’s a great way to draw attention to content, and the effect is very easy to replicate using Elementor.

How to Get Image Shadows in Elementor

Belize Phone Number List
Belize Phone Number List

How to Get Drop Caps in Elementor drop cap Head to Elementor . From there, add a new section, then drag and drop the Text Editor widget . Finally, add the text you want in the editor and it should appear on the main screen. To add drop caps, scroll down past Text Editor in the left menu. You’ll see a Drop Cap option – just turn the feature, and you’re all set! Elementor lets you design and customize the Drop Cap with a wide range of design possibilities: Choose the view to be “stacked” or “boxed” Change the primary and secondary color, the space between the drop cap and the paragraph, change the size of the frame and its border radius, and change the typography of the drop cap. Follow these steps: Add a text widget Activate drop cap Customizing the Drop Cap Style 2.

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