Salesforce and its ecosystem of customers and partners are expect to stimulate the creation of 3.3 million new jobs ( Salesforce Economy ) in the world. If you’re an IT professional and haven’t yet developed Salesforce skills, read on and learn you elevate your relevance and seize more opportunities , primarily those brought about by the Age of the Customer and advances in digital transformation. Why do IT professionals need to be prepar for the Age of the Customer? Digitization demands skilled IT professionals, which represents a great opportunity for developers to hone their skills and grow their careers . Today, the demands require special skills that can meet the need of companies to innovate in services.

That are possible thanks to cloud computing , since the cloud allows to implement strategies in an accelerated manner at a lower cost . It’s also the technology that serves as the foundation for all Salesforce services. These technologies are the demands of what we call the Age of the Customer . It is the moment we are living, where companies need to offer not only a product. But a comprehensive experience for increasingly demanding and connected customers . This is  teams: knowing how to use technolog of the Customer, in order to improve of change and take advantage of the new opportunities and digital transformation projects in the Fourth Industrial Revolution .

Gartner States That All Companies

Will require a strategy supported by digital Brazil phone number platforms to stay competitive. In this way, IT teams will be an essential part of any business to provi a collective vision of what can be done and what technology can contribute. Why and how to develop Salesforce skills? The Salesforce platform offers an integrated architecture that allows developers to stay focused on building solutions , as opposed to infrastructure. By deepening your Salesforce skills, you’ll be able to build apps with clicks or code and run them immediately on any device to connect with customers, employees, and partners. As we’ve seen, the Salesforce ecosystem of customers.

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One of them is learning and studying our platform. At Trailhead, you get free access to guided learning paths that trace your way through Salesforce skills. For those who want to get start, one of the paths is the Beginning Developer . Where you leverage your existing development skills to build rapid applications on the Salesforce Platform . As you progress through the modules, you can learn more about integrating with other solutions, digitizing and automating processes. Perfecting the user experience, and even creating a career plan in the Salesforce ecosystem. Create your Trailhead account and blaze new trails for your career.

While There Is Much Work

However, be done, let’s look at five ways to support our transgend  and gend non-binary colleagues at work. Estimated reading time: 6 minutes Millennials  . Who will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025 , are twice as likely to identify as LGBTQIA+ than previous generations. Additionally, 12% of millennials identify as transgender or gender non-binary. But while they represent what distinguishes companies with customer-focused IT . A significant segment of the work public, much remains to be done toy to respond to the demands .  Of the Age  ensure they feel supported and included in the workplace.

Therefore, the events of the last few years in the US have highlighted what it means to be black in . America and around the world. The murders of four Black transgender people, Tony McDade . Nina Pop , Dominique “Rem’mie” Fells , and Riah Milton . Among many others, have been devastating to us. In 2021 alone, 57 transg or gender non-conform people.  Many of the opportunity for professionals to act as agents them Black women , were fatally shot or kill by other violent means. vendors, partn and develop creates many opportunities and offers a variety of ways to start a in this area.

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