Gourmet Book Fair  For 15 years, the Périgord city has hosted the show in the heart of the historic center. The history of Périgueux, like that of Périgord, a region known for its gastronomy, conveys an image of the art of living and culture, reserving a privileged place for writings. Indeed, even before Bordeaux, it was the first city in Aquitaine to have printed a book, from the end of the 15th century. The Salon du Livre Gourmand in Périgueux has a dual vocation: a passion for words and a passion for food . It is an opportunity to celebrate gastronomy from around the world around various events: tastings, dedications, conferences, demonstrations by great chefs… This event highlights know-how by welcoming the greatest men of letters and mouths: Ducasse , Bocuse, Troisgros, Hermé… In figures, it’s 20,000 visitors over 3 days, around a hundred authors, more than 5,000 books and 200 events.

The Salon du Livre

Gourmand will take place from Real Estate Photo Editing November 23 to 25… For those who wish to fill their library shelves and their stomachs! Devour books! On the theme of this 15th edition, “Faire & Savoir-faire”, we imagined an illustration featuring a “bibliophage”: “the one who eats books” (from the ancient Greek φάγος , phágos, ” eater  A colourful, playful and gourmet proposal, whose illustrative style and solid colors offer a contemporary vision of the event. Other searches… A good slice of reading! This unsuccessful proposal depicts a gastronome getting down to cutting a dish… This visual puts more emphasis on “doing” and adds a human dimension through the presence of a real extra. Fusion cuisine This other proposal illustrates the poetic idea of ​​the fusion between the cookbook and the culinary ingredient. This concept also corresponds very well to the theme “Doing & Know-how.

Real Estate Photo Editing

The book and the pot

Real objects The contemporary typographic Buy Email List treatment is an integral part of the composition, giving it originality. This is the 6th Consecutive Year That We Have. Accompanied Pérouges in Its 22nd Spring by Creating Its Music Festival Poster. The Final Poster of the Festival, Alongside Those of Previous Editions. A Fruit Basket, a Flourishing Jungle. A Surprise Cake and a Mexican-rock Calavera .  or Here for the Mexican-rock Poster of the 2017 Edition . An Explosive Visual for This Edition of Printemps De Pérouges , Marked by the Death of Johnny, We Light the Fire With Explosive Cherries. Following the Same Artistic Direction as in Previous Years. Jonas Brought Out His Paper and Scissors to Bring to Life the Juiciest of Spring Fruits, the Cherry. Explosions, Matches and Embers of Poppies.

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