But Anne can never master all specialisms Poland B2B List and you shouldn’t want to. She can, however, work towards a ‘T-shaped ‘ profile and go in depth in 1 or 2 specialisms. Supplemented with a wider range of skills and tactics. In this way, she sees the connections and can direct specialists on Poland B2B List content. Without having to get completely involved in that content herself. You can fill in the rest of the required Poland B2B List specialisms by working together with an agency or freelancers. Do you recognize that? As marketers we think we understand our target group well, but we are sometimes surprised. By the products they buy or certain advertisements that suddenly do very well or badly. We expected something different beforehand.

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In this article I explain how you can make Poland B2B List data-based decisions with evidence-based marketing to get the maximum conversion from your campaigns. Decisions are often still made on the basis of gut feeling experiences and opinions. This can of course also be valuable, but it is not Poland B2B List watertight and it does not lead to the best results. On the other hand, evidence-based work yields more. I explain to you what exactly is meant by evidence-based marketing. What the foundation of this approach is and what the role Poland B2B List of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) is in this.

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With evidence-based marketing, we make Poland B2B List decisions based on customer data obtained and/or insights from research. Not based on feeling, but based on evidence. Evidence from our Customer Data platform (EffectiveProfiles) or from A/B testing. Prove what we share in our reports and real-time online dashboards and what we use as input to optimize strategies, campaigns and all our operations. Poland B2B List This is because we know that gut feeling is less successful in making decisions and our unconscious brain is Poland B2B List much more important in the decision-making process than the rational conscious brain. This way you are one step ahead of your competitors,

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