Example: a friend who actually lives Israel Phone Number far away is also emotionally further away from you. And a classic: by nodding your head during a message, you automatically believe it more strongly. You can also find a nice Israel Phone Number example of this in my previous article ‘ Neuromarketing: social proof & 6 other interesting insights’ from 2015 (number 7). Do you ever squint when you ‘look hard at Israel Phone Number something’? I do. A (too) small font will make you squint. And you guessed it, embodied cognition causes something to go wrong.

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You automatically think Israel Phone Number ‘difficult’. Of course you want to avoid that. So make sure to use a (relatively) large font. Especially with an older audience, they have even more trouble reading a small font. better text These four tips make for a better text. Also a satisfied reader. And a happy reader is a happy Google. And thank Israel Phone Number you for coming all the way to the end. Another tip for this article at Google. [Update 2016-02-19 4:30 PM] Can you really say that Google uses data from Analytics (and more) as Israel Phone Number I claim? Martijn Scheijbeler is very firm about this; they do not.

Israel Phone Number
Israel Phone Number

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Rightly so, if you consider that if this Israel Phone Number were indeed true, then Google is in for a major media scandal. I just can’t imagine that Google isn’t very interested in this. After all, it is valuable data: behaviour. We (the editors of Frankwatching and I) are curious. What are your thoughts and findings? Let us know, in the Israel Phone Number comments. Fortunately, the tips are not worthless. The core of the piece: ‘think from the user’s point of view’ still applies. Technical SEO will keep its value for a while, but in the end it Israel Phone Number means that the smartest / most prosperous websites will come to the top in Google. And that cannot be a good reflection of ‘good’ and therefore relevant content, as far as I’m concerned.

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