Responsive website If you don’t have a mobile Netherlands Phone Number website yet. We recommend that you create one as soon as possible. Google has indicated that it prefers a responsive website and has the following arguments for this: The content is easy to share across all devices. Google only needs to index one website instead of two (desktop and separate Netherlands Phone Number mobile site) to find out which one is mobile. The risk of the same Netherlands Phone Number content is considerably smaller. The ease of use for visitors with smartphones is better.

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2. Content = king Content remains one Netherlands Phone Number of the most important factors for a successful mobile website. Mobile website visitors often have a different search query than desktop visitors. They often look for contact options (see image) or are looking for a specific product or service. The difference in search query means, among Netherlands Phone Number other things, that the content on the different devices must match the different wishes of the consumer. unnamed (1) Bron: Research by NNGroup shows that information from Netherlands Phone Number a mobile phone is more difficult to understand than text on the desktop.

Netherlands Phone Number
Netherlands Phone Number

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This information helps you to assess which Netherlands Phone Number information you do or do not want to display on the mobile website. In addition, according to Google, there are still barriers to making purchases via smartphone: Barriers mobile website Bron: htttp:// 3. Optimize the loading time A fast mobile Netherlands Phone Number website contributes to a positive rating in Google’s search results, but above all has a positive effect on the user experience of visitors. To help you with this, Google has Netherlands Phone Number developed the PageSpeed ​​Insights tool . Enter your website and let Google analyze your mobile website or speed. Are there things to improve?

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