The aforementioned difficulties are very frequent within any organization, generating large economic losses and increasing Marketing expenses, after all, if there is no well-defined planning, it will not be possible to meet the goals set.

However, they are very specific inconveniences that can be easily solved through the execution of different tactics that bring a higher ROI for the company and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Below, you will find 5 best practices to optimize the financial efficiency of a Marketing department.

1. Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a strategy that focuses on attracting potential. Customers organically, through relevant content that is distributed. In the different channels and digital media where the audience is.

It is a way to engage your target audience and grow your network. Of leads and customers through relevant and valuable content.

It is responsible for creating a positive perception of your. Brand by attracting, involving and generating value for people and. Consequently, opening the doors to more businesses.

Like any Marketing technique, a budget is handled that is comprised of:

agency or service providers;
software licences;
content disclosure pieces
among others.
Correctly managing the Engineering Directors Email Lists budget —or budget— is the first step to be able to perceive the ROI of Content Marketing , which is the metric that will allow you to calculate the return projections of the investments made in the production of content in order to capture customers.

After all, ROI is an acronym that stands for “Return On Investment” which translates: return on investment. 82% of professionals who invest in Content Marketing have blogs with positive ROI .

Now, why invest in Content Marketing ? There is a vague belief that it is only about creating a blog and uploading content from time to time, however, it goes further, much more!

Learn about 3 of the most successful practices and the numbers that support them:

Engineering Directors Email Lists

According to Lifebelt (2020), 81.6% of the companies participating in a survey from Latin America and Spain stated that they use Content Marketing as one of the Digital Marketing resources.
59.5% affirm that they will produce more content in 2020.
Although 43.1% of the companies surveyed have a defined content strategy, only 10.1% have a team dedicated to the subject.
WordPress is the most used CMS, being visited by more than 401 million people who enter different blogs. In total , more than 20 billion pages are visited.

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