Digital marketing evolves along with the behavior of consumers. And technology, therefore more and more companies. Allocate a greater amount of resources to this section. An ascend2 study reveals. That up to 93 percent of firms intend to increase. Their investment in digital marketing this year. To complement the above sections such as social. Networks content marketing, personalization. Video advertising and lead generation are the main. Beneficiaries of this increase in investment. However, not everything is positive although. There are good benefits that digital. Marketing brings it also presents challenges. For the different marketing departments today challenges that. Separate obtaining a good roi from failure. And that then we present to you as highlighted. By information from business2community.

Drive Traffic to the Site No One Doubts That It Is Difficult

Drive traffic to the site no one doubts that it is difficult. To get noticed by consumers that is the first step. To generate traffic and subsequently generate sales. Buy France Whatsapp Numbers According to the information referred. To by hubspot’s the 2017 state of inbound report. For 63 percent of marketers this is the main challenge. Aspects such as not having a good search engine. Positioning is a barrier for business and therefore. It is advisable to work on seo actions. Target content to the right audience especially. In the b2b segment, where there are more. Agents involved in making purchase decisions. And the cycle is longer, targeting the content of the brand. Or organization is imposed as a challenge that separates. Success from failure.

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The problem lies in how complex key content can be to

The problem lies in how complex key content can be to. The right audience through the most optimal channel. Throughout the entire process leading to purchase. Implement big data in marketing campaigns. Today brands have access to a significant volume. Of information about consumers and although this is. Undoubtedly an advantage it also represents. Challenge many firms don’t have the ability to extract. Valuable insights from the overwhelming amounts of information. Which makes all that data more confusing than helpful. Convert site visitors to buyers finally. This is a challenge that complements the first on. That of traffic generation although it is important to have. Visitors the real benefit for companies.

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