I’ve never been to disney world, but I’ve seen enough photos and. Videos to make the image of cinderella’s castle very clear in my mind. Gray bricks, blue roof, lots of windows, doors, and on each side towers. They seem to touch the sky. But did you know that the castle is only 57 meters high?

We get the impression that it is much taller than it actually is because disney. Used a technique called “Forced perspective” to create this illusion. Basically, each floor is smaller than the one below it. That includes not only doors and windows, but also the bricks.

Our brain interprets those elements to be further away than.

They really are just because they are smaller than they should be. Simply amazing!

After all, no princess lives there to Compliance Directors Email Lists complain about very low ceilings. No one really complains about architectural inaccuracies, for the park. Visitor this is just one of many “Illusions” that help create the famous disney experience.

And millions of people enjoy this experience every year (well, maybe 2020 will be an exception).

Do not fool yourself. That door up there is tiny.
In marketing , every time we interact with content, we are also living an experience. The satisfaction of learning something new, the comfort of being well informed about a decision, etc.

In the backstage of a disney park there are thousands of people working without. Us seeing them so that our experience is excellent, in the. Same way, a marketing strategy, to be good, has to be invisible to the public.

No one wants to know if a video they’re watching is. Top-of-the-funnel content, or that total watch time is the top kpi .

As we well know: nobody likes to be thought of only to sell to them.

Compliance Directors Email Lists

So how can we provide value to our audience, throughout. Their entire buying journey , so that when they finally decide to buy our. Product, they do so organically and naturally ?

First of all, we need to put ourselves in their shoes to imagine and design. From their perspective, the experience they have when interacting with our content.

They are fine? They are having fun? They are learning? How can I organize the different types of content to give visitors. The best overall experience?

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