What this statement means is that you are doing this for an algorithm that ultimately results in black hat SEO. And this is where Google RankBrain steps in to save the day. The emergence of Google RankBrain Google has taken a long time to research its algorithm to improve SEO content. To achieve this feat, Google decided to introduce cutting-edge machine learning technology known as Google RankBrain. This technology expands the scope of how search engines such as Google assess and index pages for better rankings. However, keywords still matter despite the introduction of Google RankBrain in creating content clusters.

Prior to Rank Brain, Google Used the Basic Algorithm

to determine what kind of results users would get for their queries. But post-RankBrain works differently when it comes to displaying the results of a given query. In this case, the query first goes through the interpreter model. Next, the model applies certain factors such as location (of the searcher), Crop Resizing Service  personalization, and information contained in the query. The model performs this task to know the real intention of the researcher. By discerning the true intent of the searcher, Google is able to return more relevant results.

Crop Resizing Service

In Other Words, if Your Dream Is to Have a Site that Can

perform optimally in search engines, you should be in a better position to help Google deliver relevant, reliable, and high-quality content. Content clusters play a vital role in connecting topical content on your website. Thanks to internal meshing, content clusters are analyzed by Google BrainRank to assess the quality of your content during a crawl. This action helps users or searchers get relevant results for their queries. Why is it important to structure your content into topic groups Topic clusters have been a popular trend in SEO and blogging for quite some time.

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