Two years ago, Elementor was first released to the world. During the first year, we mainly focused on the dissemination of information. We knew we had the best tool and we needed people to know that. Year two, however, brought a bigger challenge: making Elementor the leading solution for professional web designers. We tackled this ambitious task through different approaches: developing Elementor beyond the page creation level, making significant improvements to the user interface, and releasing features specifically geared towards improving the designer’s workflow. These are just a few of our actions that have helped Elementor grow from 100,000 active installs at the end of the first year to over 900,000 active installs today.

Element or Addons and Themes

So let’s dive in and look back at Elementor’s second year of development. What we have accomplished Best plug-in Elementor is the 39th most popular plugin. We weren’t even in the top 100 a year ago and our trajectory looks promising More than 100 YouTube videos We have greatly improved the quality and quantity of our YouTube videos. We Bahrain Phone Number have built an in-house studio, set up professional recording equipment and managed to create dozens of useful videos, which have been viewed over 3 million times. These videos helped us grow our audience to over 25,000 YouTube subscribers, more than 3 times what we had by the end of the first year.

Developer Resources and Github Activity

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Elementor available in over 50 languages Elementor is one of the top 10 most translated plugins in WordPress. We want to bring better design to every WordPress user, regardless of language or background. If you’d like to contribute to translation efforts, visit our plugin’s translation page. Developer resources and Github activity

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