The terms machine learning and deep learning exploded along with artificial intelligence . All of them are part of the evolution that enables machines to think like human beings, however, they are not the same thing. To understand the differences, you can think that one evolves from the other, since machine learning and deep learning are pillars that support artificial intelligence. Without them, AI would not be the transformative phenomenon it is today. During the reading, you will learn in more detail: What is machine learning?

What are algorithms? What is deep learning? Comparison: machine learning x deep learning In addition to the topics listed, we are also going to talk about how these technologies are related to enable the artificial intelligence that we know today and use on a daily basis and in business. What is Machine Learning? Machine learning, or automatic learning, is the use of algorithms to organize data, recognize patterns and make computers learn from those models and generate intelligent insights without the need for pre-programming. What are algorithms?

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That show the step by step necessary to  Afghanistan phone number carry out a problem . Through a logical, defined and finite sequence of instructions, they determine the path to follow to execute a task. In a more general way, we can say that machine learning is the area of ​​computer science that makes artificial intelligence real . The concept of AI emerged a long time ago, in 1956, but at the time the technologies capable of putting the theory into practice were still lacking. With machine learning, computers were able to find answers without being specifically programmed to look for them. Machine learning algorithms learn from the data submitted to them and , in this way.

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The machines are trained to learn to execute different tasks autonomously. Then, when exposed to new data, they adapt from previous calculations and patterns are shaped to provide reliable answers. What does it mean, in practice? Instead of programming rules in a computer and waiting for the result, with machine learning, the machine will learn those rules on its own. In the same way that artificial intelligence is not recent, machine learning is also not a new science. In the beginning, its applications were limited by the lack of data and technologies capable of processing it quickly and efficiently.

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Similarly, of available data and the advancement of computing allow the development of much more complex . And faster algorithms , which bring a new impetus to machine learning. This is the case of deep learning . What is Deep Learning? Deep learning, or deep learning, is the part of machine learning that.  Through high-level algorithms, mimics the neural network of the human brain . To get to the most advanced level of deep learning . The principle of artificial neural networks was develop to support discrete layers.  Connections, and directions of data propagation. In this way, the data is subject to several layers . Of non-linear processing that simulate the way neurons think.

For instance, in a simplified way, we can say that deep learning are those . Complex algorithms built from a set of different layers of “neurons”, fed by immense amounts of data.  Which are capable of recognizing images and speech, processing natural language and learning to perform . Extremely advanced tasks without human interference. The main application of Deep Learning algorithms are classification tasks, especially image recognition. Therefore, deep Learning x Machine Learning machine learning deep learning What is It is the science that makes computers perform actions without needing to be programmed for that. It is a more sophisticated type of machine learning algorithm, built on the principle of neural networks.

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