Where are my readers? Do any of your readers frequent social networks? If so, where are they hanging out? There’s no point hanging around on Twitter if all of your readers prefer to use Facebook. Yes, you may be able to attract new readers to it. But you won’t be able to provide any real value to your current readers because none of them will see your posts. So find out which social media platforms they use and if they prefer one over the others. How? While asking. Whenever you chat with a reader, ask them what social media platforms they use. Add the question to your newsletter. Include a question like “What social networks do you use?” in your next survey.

You Can Even Ask Other Bloggers in Your Niche

which social media platforms they tend to focus on. Remove Background Image For platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, you might want to go a little further. Are there particular groups they like to hang out in? And what do they think of the live broadcast? Some of your readers might prefer to sit and listen rather than have to read. This brings me to my next question… 2. What type of content are my readers responding to? Take a look at the posts that have been shared or shared, retweeted, commented on, etc.

Remove Background Image

Do They Have Something in Common – Images,

video, quotes, links – that your readers seem to prefer? When I analyzed my ProBlogger, I found that my readers respond very positively to visual content. On our Twitter account, any tweet with a nice graphic or image was retweeted and shared five times more than textual content. And it was the same on our Facebook page. Live content also seemed to have a big impact on our readers. While those Twitter chats, Facebook Lives, and webinars weren’t shared much, readers who joined me in those interactions became incredibly engaged.

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